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Elevate your vibration with ethically sourced Crystals, sage, incense, jewelry, art, candles, essential oils, clothes, local raw honey, CBD,Delta8, Mushrooms, tapestries, greeting cards, accessories, home goods & amazing gifts.

International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Leader, Tarot Reader, Healer, Author, and Teacher featured on NBC. Founder & Owner of 3 Brick & Mortar Metaphysical Shops and Online Store. 

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Bringing the Magic to Midway

104 N Graham Street Chapel Hill NC 27514

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"Close to Death is a podcast that profiles people who spend every day working with the dead and dying. Sound depressing? It isn’t. Sound creepy? It can be!" Listen to this amazing podcast featuring Lynn "MagikCraft" Swain where she talks about her experiences working with the dead. This podcast is hosted by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

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